2009-07-22 00:24:50 by chibiherod

Can't sleep much these days. I'm hoping to try out this new Art feature on NG. Maybe submit something. Meh...We'll see.


2007-11-10 22:36:23 by chibiherod

Alright people. I'm ChibiDan...From Furraffinity,Deviant art,and Sheezy art? WHAT YOU HAVN'T HEARD OF ME!.....HA!...bummer.
Anyway I'm not that talented. (NOOOO!!!) but i'm trying...little by little I am trying to learn more on how to draw and make art and blah blah blah. Yeah so what?
Wellll......I'm gonna "TRY!!" and get on flash make some flashes and...TRY!!! and entertain you people.
Maybe some super DBZ action fire balls and sonic mario super MUAHAHA ur dead thing.
Maybe for those of you who like the silent beautiful picture types. Or maybe I'll join a group and help other people with their flashes....maybe...but...untill my skill has "leveled up" (yeah funny....*cough*) You'll just have to bear with me. I'll try not to disappoint you all.